Not so long ago, most rural families and farms raised a few pigs in the backyard. They would be fed on kitchen scraps and leftover feed from feeding other animals rather than these things being thrown away or composted. When they were grown up, they would be made into delicious hams, bacon, and sausage by the local butcher or the farmer's wife.

We have adapted this idea of not wasting valuable food on our dairy, where we feed leftover milk, spilled grain, and scraps of cheese to a few pigs, which are eventually sold as ribs, chops, roasts, bacon and sausage. All of our butchering and sausage making is done locally at Hamilton Packing Company, where we also have our beef butchered, so the animals do not have to travel far and the money stays in the local economy.

We look forward to having more pork to sell soon, with the birth of two new litters of piglets around Valentine's Day this year! They are growing fast and enjoying getting into trouble already. One sow had 13 of them! She seems like she will be glad to see them all weaned in a couple of weeks.