Lifeline Farm Inc. was began in 1978 in Victor, Montana by a group of young men and women who wished to grow nutritious, organic and biodynamic foods to nourish people in their community and throughout the US. Originally, Lifeline grew field-scale vegetable crops, selling vegetables in Montana and on the West Coast, off the farm and operating a market stand. The dairy was added in 1984 in order to diversify the operation but also to provide a source of on-farm fertility.

Today Lifeline Farm Inc. is a partnership between three of the early members, Ernie Harvey, Luci Breiger, and Steve Elliot. The farm has formed two distinct parts, Lifeline Dairy and Lifeline Produce. Steve and Luci, who manage the produce, grow vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as caring for around 20 sheep and selling their lambs. All of the produce from their 10 acres is marketed within Montana. Ernie Harvey manages a herd of about 400 Brown Swiss cows, bulls, calves and steers that make up Lifeline Dairy. Long revered by the Swiss as an excellent, dual-purpose breed, the Brown Swiss produce rich milk, which is used on the dairy to make cheese, as well as delicious beef, which is sold throughout Montana. The dairy also "recycles" many feeds by raising pigs which are then sold as pork cuts and in home style sausage.